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How Much Does Divorce Cost?

How Much Will My Divorce Cost Me?

Understanding the Cost of Divorce with St. Charles Divorce Attorneys

At the conclusion of your initial consultation, we will discuss fees in detail. Weiler & Associates, Inc.'s divorce attorneys charge by the hour for our work. Due to the difficult nature of family law litigation, we cannot predict the amount of time it will take to complete all the work necessary to represent your interests. Therefore, we cannot precisely predict the ultimate cost to you.

Can You Give Me a Cost Estimate for My Divorce?

Clients often ask us for an estimate. After we get a picture of the facts of your case, we may be able to offer you a rough estimate. But bear in mind it will be just that: an estimate. The actual costs can vary widely based on variables over which we have no control. Family law matters can become more complex and more time-consuming than they first appear. The emotional dynamics of the parties and their sense of cooperation, as well as the level of cooperation between clients and the attorneys, have a direct bearing on the amount of time that will be spent on a case. It is simply impossible to predict the amount of time that will be required.

Retainers and Fees for Attorney Services

If you decide to hire us and we agree to represent you, we will both sign an engagement letter that will spell out our hourly rates and billing arrangements. We will ask you to pay an initial retainer. The amount of the retainer depends on the nature and complexity of your case. Once we sign the agreement and you pay the retainer, we will be your attorneys and will not accept other engagements that might conflict with our representation of you. We will debit against the retainer the time expended by the members of the firm on your behalf.

We will send you an invoice each month itemizing the work done on your case and showing the charges. If your retainer is used up, we may ask you to pay to us an additional retainer instead of making payments on the amounts due on a monthly basis.

Paying for Costs

In addition to fees for services rendered, we will charge you for out-of-pocket costs incurred by us during the course of our representation of your interests such as court fees, postage, photocopying, and the like.

Costs of Divorce Trial vs. Settlement

The vast majority of cases - over 90% in fact - settle without going to court. But a few cases eventually go to trial. If your case does not settle and requires a trial, you will need to pay an additional retainer. A trial is a very expensive proposition that is best avoided if possible.

Get Skilled Assistance with Your Divorce from a St. Charles Divorce Lawyer

If you are not already represented by an Illinois divorce law firm and would like to schedule a conference with one of our seasoned St. Charles divorce attorneys, we welcome you to contact Weiler & Associates, Inc.. We serve families throughout the Tri-City / Fox River Valley area.

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