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Free Illinois Divorce Checklist

What documents will my divorce attorney need in Illinois?

Essential Documents Required for an Illinois Dissolution of Marriage

To properly represent your interests in your divorce, your divorce attorney will need a complete picture of the assets, debts, and income of both you and your spouse. In Illinois, both parties to a dissolution of marriage are required to complete comprehensive financial discovery. The checklist includes a list of documents that will be needed to complete this discovery. Other documents might be required based upon the facts of your particular case. We will work with you to determine not only the documents we will need from you, but those we will need from your spouse.

Common documents that are usually required include:

  • Last 2 pay stubs
  • Last month's utility bills
  • Most recent loan statements 
  • Medical and health insurance bills
  • List of children's school fees and other expenses
  • Copies of all current savings, CD's, money market and investment account statements
  • Most recent mortgage and equity loan statements
  • Life insurance policies
  • Documents related to business interests
  • Last 3 years of state and federal tax returns

You can speed your case along by gathering as many of these documents as you can, since many of them may be required from you in the immediate future and it may take some time to obtain them. By providing your attorney with the information and documents requested below, you will save time and money and will assist them in the preparation of pleadings and documents required in your case.

Divorce Checklist | pdf

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