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3 Ways to Protect Yourself From an Abusive Partner During Your Divorce

 Posted on July 14, 2020 in Illinois Divorce

St. Charles divorce attorney domestic violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue that unfortunately affects many people. It is defined as a pattern of behaviors used by one partner to maintain power and control over another partner in an intimate relationship. According to the Illinois Domestic Violence law, this occurs when a person hits, kicks, chokes, harasses, threatens, or interferes with the personal liberty of a household or family member. If you or someone you know is considering leaving an abusive partner, it can take careful planning. That is why it is imperative to hire a skilled divorce lawyer to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf

Create Boundaries and Barriers

Leaving an abusive relationship can seem like an extremely daunting task. Typically, the alleged abuser has convinced his or her partner that they will be unable to live without each other. This is simply not true and is used as a scare tactic to maintain control over the relationship. Getting out of your marriage is crucial in instances when your well-being is at risk. Your first priority should be to seek safety for yourself and your children if you have any

Here are three practical tips to maintain safety and security during your divorce:

  1. Save Money in a Safe Place: Often abusive spouses like to be in control of the finances. It is likely that when you leave, he or she will shut off access to your joint accounts. If possible, store money in a secure location that is not easily accessible—perhaps with a relative or a friend who you trust. This will come in handy as you navigate the end of your marriage

  2. Secure Housing: The divorce proceedings can take some time, so you must get yourself and your children out of the shared residence with your spouse. Your first instinct may be to live with family or friends. However, this may be unsafe as that will be one of the first places your spouse will go to look for you. Instead, perhaps look into a local battered women shelter or safe-house where you may be better protected

  3. Obtain an Order of Protection: An order of protection is a court order that restricts an alleged abuser and only is available to family or household members. By having this order in place, it may give you better peace of mind, since it restricts and limits your spouse from contacting you or coming near you

Contact a Kane County Divorce Lawyer

Deciding to leave a marriage with an abusive partner can be very difficult. There are a lot of factors involved, but the main objective should be the safety of you and your family. The knowledgeable and compassionate St. Charles divorce attorneys at Weiler & Associates, Inc. understand this is a sensitive situation. We have extensive experience in handling all types of divorce cases with care and consideration. If you are planning to divorce your spouse, call us today at 630-331-9110 to schedule a private consultation.


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