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3 Ways to Tell if Your Spouse is Serious About Getting a Divorce

 Posted on July 09, 2024 in Illinois Divorce

Kane County Divorce LawyerMarriage is built on trust and communication, but sometimes, issues arise that lead one partner to consider divorce. It is difficult and often painful to face the possibility that your spouse might be thinking about ending the marriage. If you suspect your spouse is serious about getting a divorce, there are a few important indicators that can help you understand his or her intentions. 

Remember, if you think your spouse is serious about divorce, strongly consider contacting an attorney. Your Illinois attorney will make sure your rights stay protected if you and your spouse move forward with dissolving your marriage.  Here are three signs that may indicate your spouse is seriously considering divorce.

Your Spouse Has Begun Speaking About Divorce Openly

One of the most apparent signs that your spouse is serious about divorce is if they begin to talk about it openly. This might include statements about feeling unhappy in the marriage, mentioning divorce during arguments, or expressing a desire to separate. These kinds of conversations can be direct or subtle, but if divorce is a recurring topic, it is a significant indicator that your spouse is considering it seriously.

Listening carefully to what your spouse says can provide insight into his or her mind. Open and honest communication, even about difficult topics like divorce, can sometimes offer an opportunity for meaningful dialogue and potential resolution.

Your Spouse Has Taken Legal or Financial Steps

Actions often speak louder than words. If your spouse has begun taking concrete legal or financial steps toward divorce, this is a strong sign that he or she is serious about it. Examples include consulting with a divorce lawyer, investigating the division of assets, or researching child custody arrangements. He or she may also start setting money aside in a separate account or taking steps to prepare for living independently.

Seeing these preparatory actions can be a wake-up call. If you notice such movements, consider having a candid discussion with your spouse about his or her intentions and concerns.

Your Spouse is Distant and Unavailable

Emotional and physical distance can be another sign that your spouse is serious about divorce. This might show itself in ways such as avoiding meaningful conversations, spending less time at home, or showing a lack of interest in shared activities. Your spouse may also become less affectionate and withdraw from physical intimacy.

Emotional unavailability can indicate that your spouse has mentally checked out of the marriage and is preparing for a life apart. If you sense this growing distance, it is important to address it directly.

Contact Our St. Charles, IL Divorce Lawyer

Recognizing the signs that your spouse might be serious about divorce is tough, but it is the first step toward addressing the reality of your relationship. For legal help, contact the Kane County, IL divorce attorneys with Weiler & Associates, Inc.. Call 630-331-9110 for a private consultation.

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