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Beyond Basic Child Support: Unexpected Expenses Parents May Have to Pay Following Divorce

 Posted on June 13, 2022 in Child Support

Kane County family law attorneyWhile divorce is difficult for most couples, it can be especially challenging for parents who share children. There are many considerations, such as child support payments, custody, and visitation arrangements. However, parents feel blindsided when unexpected expenses pop up after the divorce is finalized. If you and your partner share custody of the children and are equally invested in them financially, emotionally, and physically, extracurricular costs could pop up from time to time. Here is a list of five unexpected expenses parents may have to split following a divorce.

College Tuition

In Illinois, age 18 deems a child an adult, as long as the child has graduated from high school, meaning parents are no longer required to support them financially. However, like many laws, the end of child support payments comes with a catch. Parents often have to extend child support payments throughout a non-minor child's post-secondary education. Illinois courts require parents to pay for a child's educational wellbeing, including their college tuition and expenses. For example, parents will have to cover the costs of attendance, rent, and essentials for the college child.


Like college, parents must pay for a child's educational wellbeing. Parents may be asked to provide financial support if a child needs extra help in a particular subject or requires tutoring for standardized testing. When parents share custody and are equally invested in their child's future, child expenses, including tutoring, will be split between parents.

Extracurricular Activities

From sports to music, art, or theater, the court may deem extracurricular activities essential for a child. Extracurriculars have many benefits for a child's development, especially if that child has just witnessed a divorce or been uprooted. Unlocking a child's creative or athletic spirit and encouraging friendships through extracurriculars is a great way to provide stability and enrichment for children. Parents may be required to split their children's extracurricular activities costs post-divorce.

Medical Payments

Since shared custody deems parents equally invested in a child's wellbeing, they will split the payments for any necessary expenses, especially for the child's physical health. If a child breaks their arm, develops an illness, or has any other type of medical need, both parents will be on the hook for paying for treatment.

Long-Term Care

Just like medical payments, parents must split the cost of long-term care if a child is in need. Whether a child suffered an accident that led to new care needs, or a child has always required long-term care, both parents will have to support that child in any way needed financially. Long-term care payments often extend to non-minor handicapped or mentally challenged children.

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