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Can I Change My Divorce Agreement?

 Posted on December 07,2023 in Child Custody & Allocation of Parental Responsibility

St. Charles Family Law Attorney

Handling a divorce can be tricky, and it can be hard to know if items will need to be modified in the future or not when creating divorce agreements. Post-divorce modifications are allowed in some circumstances. Still, they generally need to be agreed upon by both parties involved in the divorce. An Illinois divorce lawyer can help you understand if you can change your divorce agreement and fight for the most equitable outcome based on your divorce situation.

When Are Post-Divorce Modifications Allowed?

Post-divorce modifications are allowed in certain circumstances after a divorce agreement is finalized. In general, any modifications to a divorce agreement must be agreed upon by both parties, or there will need to be a significant change in circumstances that makes the original divorce agreement challenging to uphold.

Examples of circumstances that might warrant a post-divorce modification include:

  • Significant changes in income, such as an increase or decrease in income that changes child support or spousal support payments
  • Catastrophic injury or medical bills that could affect child support, child custody, or spousal support payments
  • Changes in living situations, such as an ex-spouse receiving spousal support moving into a home with a new partner

Every divorce is unique, and many situations may warrant a change in a divorce agreement.

It is important to consult legal counsel as soon as possible about a post-divorce modification, especially if there is a chance that you will fail to comply with the terms of your divorce agreement. Failure to meet the provision of your agreement may result in legal issues and penalties, creating more stress and potential future problems.

How Do I Change My Divorce Agreement?

If you wish to change your divorce agreement, you must review your agreement terms and contact an Illinois divorce lawyer as soon as possible. Post-divorce modifications need to be made with consideration to the Illinois marriage dissolution laws that guided the initial divorce agreement and any potential effects of modifying the agreement after the divorce.

Contact a Kane County, IL Divorce Lawyer

Navigating your divorce agreement and making modifications after things have been settled is stressful, and modifying your divorce agreement may have specific ramifications you need to be aware of. A St. Charles, IL divorce attorney at Weiler & Associates, Inc. can help you understand your situation and make modifications to your divorce agreement. Contact us at 630-331-9110 and let us fight for a favorable post-divorce agreement modification specific to your situation.

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