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How Are Most Custody Disputes Resolved? 

 Posted on November 28,2023 in Child Custody & Allocation of Parental Responsibility

St. Charles Divorce LawyerCustody disputes can be emotionally traumatic and legally complex situations. It must always be remembered that the ultimate goal in a custody dispute is to ensure the best interests of the child are always put first before any other considerations. While litigation is certainly an option, most custody disputes are resolved through alternative methods that prioritize collaboration and compromise. If you are getting a divorce and a custody dispute is part of your situation, contact an experienced lawyer to help you get through this challenging situation

Three Ways Custody Disputes Are Resolved 

  1. Mediation – This is a prevalent method for resolving custody disputes in Illinois, as it encourages the parties to engage in open communication between the parents with the helpful assistance of a neutral third party. The mediator facilitates the discussions, assists in identifying common ground, and helps parents reach mutually acceptable agreements. Mediation is an excellent method because it allows parents to maintain control over the outcome while fostering a cooperative co-parenting dynamic that can benefit the children in the long run

  2. Collaborative law – This can be another effective approach to resolving custody disputes. This situation involves each parent hiring their own attorney and all parties committing to reaching a settlement out of court. Through several meetings, parents and their attorneys work together to find creative solutions that meet the child’s needs. This process is often considered a great solution as it encourages parents to work together to find solutions that will ultimately meet the child’s needs

  3. Parenting coordination – This will involve the assistance of a trained professional who helps parents implement and comply with their custody agreement. This method is beneficial when ongoing conflicts arise or when parents struggle to engage in helpful communication. The parenting coordinator acts as a mediator, providing guidance, leading discussions, and offering strategies to resolve disputes. By ensuring compliance and reducing conflicts, parenting coordination helps maintain a stable and nurturing environment for the child

Contact a Kane County, IL Divorce Attorney

While litigation remains an option for resolving custody disputes, parents need to know that they have other alternatives that can be a lot less emotionally grueling than traditional courtroom litigation. Contact the skilled St. Charles, IL divorce lawyers with Weiler & Associates, Inc. to learn more about your options in solving your custody dispute. Call 630-331-9110 for a private consultation. Trust our seasoned attorneys to get to work for you and help you achieve your legal objectives


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