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How Do I Keep My Divorce Civil?

 Posted on February 23, 2024 in Family Law

St. Charles, IL divorce lawyerDivorces are stressful for everyone, and it is not uncommon for a divorce to become highly contested due to each spouse having different opinions about what they think is a fair settlement. It can be easy to get wrapped up in the emotions of divorce, though this is not the best option if you are trying to keep your divorce calm and civil. An experienced Illinois divorce attorney can help guide you during divorce to help the process be as fair and stress-free as possible.

Avoiding Divorce Conflicts and Arguments

One of the hardest parts of divorce is agreeing on how to divide your assets and marital property. It may seem difficult to avoid conflicts and arguments with your spouse, especially if your divorce is due to highly emotional situations such as adultery or domestic violence.

You can follow these tips to avoid conflicts and arguments during your divorce as much as possible:

  • Work with a mediator during your divorce to come to an agreement with the help of a third party who helps resolve disagreements without them getting out of hand

  • Follow your lawyer’s advice and avoid things like name-calling or acting disrespectfully in front of a judge during court appearances.

  • Review any documents that may have decisions about divorce in them, such as pre-nuptial or post-nuptial agreements

While it may seem difficult, maintaining civility during your divorce can help improve the outcome for both you and your spouse. Without conflict and high emotions getting in the way, it can be easier to reach fair agreements.

How Do I Reach Agreements With My Spouse?

Navigating your divorce can be difficult, especially if you are not sure how to broach certain subjects with your former spouse. As you and your partner start to separate your lives and your marital assets, you may want to discuss what is important to both of you to be settled during the divorce.

However, in cases of very complex or contested divorces, you may want to only speak to your spouse with the assistance of a mediator or the guidance of your attorney. This will help ensure your conversations with your spouse are documented and that any disagreements do not get out of control.

Contact a St. Charles, IL Divorce Attorney

Navigating an Illinois divorce alone can be difficult, and you do not want to spend unnecessary time and energy arguing with your partner about how to settle your divorce. Speaking with an experienced Kane County, IL divorce lawyer at Weiler & Associates, Inc. can help you understand your divorce options and guide you towards finalizing your divorce with less conflict. Call 630-331-9110 for a consultation.

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