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How Is Child Support Determined in Illinois?

 Posted on February 29,2024 in Child Support

Kane County, IL child support lawyerDuring your divorce, the process of figuring out child support can be complex. There are many different factors that may be considered when calculating child support, and you will no doubt want to come to an agreement that is fair for you, your ex, and your child. An experienced Illinois child support lawyer can help you understand Illinois child support laws and advocate for a fair child support agreement.

How Does Illinois Calculate Child Support?

Illinois child support laws are fairly standardized. The law creates guidelines for calculating child support amounts. In general, you can expect child support to be calculated in the following ways:

  • Reviewing each parent’s monthly income and combining them to create a total. The total is then divided according to what percentage of the total each parent makes and how much time each parent spends with the child

  • Taking into account any special needs for a child, such as special educational or medical needs

  • Reviewing the child’s best interests, including the standard of living before the divorce and any additional financial resources of the parents

It is important to note that these guidelines can be adjusted and changed in certain situations where the child’s best interests make the use of the guidelines inappropriate. The guidance of our experienced child support attorneys is available to help you understand which guidelines may be applied in your child support situation.

How Do I Make Sure My Ex Agrees to Child Support?

Navigating child support agreements and the rest of your divorce can be stressful, and if you want to ensure you secure child support for your child, you may want to make sure that your ex is on the same page as you. However, even if your ex is difficult to work with and does not want to make child support payments, he is legally obligated to help support his child and the court will enforce child support payments if the child is under 18, is still in high school, or has a qualifying disability.

If your ex resists payments, you will need to work with an experienced child support lawyer and present your case for child support in court to receive an order for child support. If your ex still refuses to pay, you may be able to pursue enforcement of child support.

Contact a St. Charles, IL Child Support Lawyer

Child support is one of the most contested items during a divorce, and it can be hard to come to an agreement with your ex about how much child support should be paid. A skilled Kane County, IL child support attorney can provide you with guidance on Illinois child support laws and help you build your case for child support during your divorce.

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