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Three Ways the Right of First Refusal Could Benefit Your Children

 Posted on April 19,2022 in Child Custody & Allocation of Parental Responsibility

Kane County family law attorneyOne of the toughest but most important parts of an Illinois divorce is creating a parenting agreement that suits both parents’ needs as well as the children’s best interests. Parents must often get creative and curious when creating a parenting plan because both spouses are sure to have strong opinions about what is likely to be the best arrangement. 

An important part of every Illinois parenting time arrangement is the right of first refusal - or, in other words, the obligation either or both parents have to seek child care from each other rather than a third party under certain clearly delineated circumstances. If done well, the right of first refusal can benefit children as well as divorced parents. Here are three ways your kids might benefit from a great right of first refusal clause. 

Strengthened Parent-Child Relationship

The clearest reason for a right of first refusal clause is the importance of increasing the time children spend with their parents and strengthening their relationship whenever possible. The right of first refusal allows this by ensuring children maximize the time spent with each parent, rather than with a babysitter or other family member. Although it may be easier for parents to sometimes rely on grandparents or neighbors to watch the children, and important though these other relationships may be, children need their parents’ caregiving more than anyone else’s. 

Conflict Avoidance

Because the right of first refusal requires parents to provide specific details about when they will seek childcare from each other, following these terms closely allows parents to avoid conflict because potentially contentious decisions will have already been made. Parents can customize their right of first refusal clause according to their proximity to each other and ability to cooperate so that they have an easy-to-follow parenting agreement that makes practical sense. Avoiding conflict benefits former spouses, of course, but even more importantly it protects children from the stress of being caught between fighting parents. 

Security of a Trusted Caregiver

Finding a babysitter at an affordable rate can be next to impossible, especially if you live in a remote area. When parents are obligated to seek care from each other rather than from a babysitter, the parents can save money while ensuring their children are with a known entity. Children benefit from having a caregiver they know and trust and accidents or disasters are far less likely with a parent present. 

Meet with a Kane County Parenting Time Lawyer

Creating a great parenting plan is essential to setting yourself up for success after divorce. For help writing a parenting plan that benefits you and your children, schedule a meeting with a Kane County parenting attorney at Weiler & Associates, Inc.. We do our best to work with you and help you customize a divorce plan that minimizes conflict and protects your rights. Call us now at 630-331-9110



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