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What Are the Advantages of Using a Divorce Coach in Illinois?

 Posted on January 24,2020 in Illinois Divorce

Kane County divorce attorneysThere is a common misconception these days that half of all marriages end in divorce. However, recent statistics show the rate is between about 30 and 40 percent. When a couple decides to end their marriage, each spouse should seek legal representation offered by a knowledgeable divorce attorney. In some cases, a separate divorce coach can also help spouses as they navigate this transition. A divorce coach is a specially trained divorce professional who works alongside an attorney to help clients better understand the legal and emotional process of a divorce. This type of coach can act as a guide and provide emotional support as you work your way through the proceedings.

Practical Ways a Coach Can Help 

It is important to note that a divorce coach plays a separate role from your attorney. Your lawyer will represent you in court, inform you of Illinois divorce laws that apply to your case, draft your legal documents, and negotiate with your spouse’s attorney regarding a settlement on marital issues. This includes determining who gets what in the divorce since Illinois is an “equitable distribution” state. Issues such as child support, spousal maintenance, division of assets/property or debt, allocation of parental responsibilities, and parenting time can all be decided with the help of your legal team.

A divorce coach can do the following once you file for divorce: 

  • Explain the overall divorce process
  • Help with creating personalized long-term goals (employment, relationship, financial)
  • Assist with gathering necessary documentation (bank statements, deeds, loans)
  • Hold you accountable for making decisions and taking action
  • Aid in drafting a fair parenting plan
  • Identify other professionals you might need 
  • Give advice for co-parenting after the divorce
  • Provide tips for dealing with a combative spouse

For some people, a divorce coach acts as an objective third party. They may not want unsolicited advice from relatives who knew their spouse and whose opinions on various matters differ from theirs. In certain situations, divorce coaches specialize in different areas (e.g., finances or co-parenting), so it is possible to have more than one. Lawyers recognize how coaches can help them in several areas, such as keeping emotions in check and helping their clients with communication and organization to achieve a successful outcome.

Contact a St. Charles Divorce Attorney

A divorce can be one of the most taxing events of your life, and you may need advice during the proceedings. It is critical to hire a skilled divorce lawyer to make sure your rights are protected, and a divorce coach can work alongside him or her. The experienced legal team at Weiler & Associates, Inc. knows Illinois laws regarding child or spousal support, asset division, and parenting time. Our qualified and tenacious Kane County family lawyers understand how difficult the divorce process can be, whether this is your first time going through it or you have been through it before. Call our office today at 630-331-9110 to schedule your private consultation


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