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What Factors Contribute to the Cost of Divorce?

 Posted on June 08,2023 in Illinois Divorce

IL divorce lawyerDivorce can be a difficult and expensive process. One of the greatest concerns for anyone going through a divorce is how much the divorce will cost. Several factors can contribute significantly to the cost of divorce, including legal fees, court costs, and other miscellaneous expenses. Today, we will take a deep dive into the key factors that impact the cost of a divorce and what to keep in mind as you traverse this often challenging process. To get started with your divorce, contact a divorce lawyer to represent you in your case.

Here is What Can Impact Divorce Costs

The first and most obvious factor affecting divorce costs is lawyer fees. Lawyers may choose to charge by the hour or by a retainer fee. Rates vary and may depend on the attorney's experience and other factors, such as the geographic location of the law office. Many attorneys also have payment plans available, which can be great for helping clients afford their divorce. In many instances, at the outset of divorce proceedings, clients will ask their attorney to estimate how much their divorce will cost. Please be advised that it is quite difficult to predict at the very beginning of the process how much the divorce will cost in the end. It is not uncommon for family law cases to drag out for quite some time.

Another significant factor contributing to the cost of divorce is the complexity of the case. Divorce cases that require extensive investigation, legal research, or court intervention will generally cost more than a more basic divorce. In addition, a unique challenge to family law cases is the often strong emotions involved in the situation. For instance, issues like child support tend to be very quarrelsome, as both parents usually have strong opinions on matters related to their children. In other cases, if a couple has significant assets or one spouse is accused of trying to conceal assets, a forensic accountant may need to be hired to uncover the hidden assets. Professionals such as this can cost great deals of money and will undoubtedly add to the cost of your divorce.

Finally, the length of your divorce will also play an important role in determining what your divorce will cost. Simply put, the longer your divorce, the more likely it will be expensive.

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