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Why You May Want to Seek Therapy During Your Divorce

 Posted on June 29,2021 in Illinois Divorce

kane county divorce lawyerA divorce is easily one of the most difficult events in your life. From your finances to your living situation, many things are about to drastically change and you may be unsure about how you will cope with that. One way to ease some of the stress associated with divorce is to speak to a mental health therapist about your situation.

Benefits of Speaking to a Mental Health Therapist During Your Divorce

At first, the idea of talking to a stranger about your problems might seem daunting. However, there are actually several benefits to confiding in a mental health counselor. Your therapist can:

  • Provide honest advice - When you are dealing with the mental health effects of a divorce, you need someone to give you honest feedback rather than what you want to hear. Your family members and friends likely mean well, but they might not give you truthful feedback because they do not want to hurt your feelings. That is why you should consider speaking to a professional therapist. He or she will give you helpful advice instead of sugar-coating it.

  • Teach you healthy ways to deal with stress - The stress brought on by your divorce can be downright overwhelming at times. When you feel overwhelmed, you may resort to unhealthy habits to deal with that stress, such as overeating or drinking alcohol. A mental health therapist can show you more constructive ways to alleviate your stress, such as mediation and deep breathing exercises.

  • Allow you to help your children - A divorce can be especially tough on children because they may not fully understand what is going on. It is up to you to help your kids through this difficult time. However, if you are dealing with your own sadness and anger, it may be difficult for you to help your children through this ordeal. A mental health counselor can help you come to terms with your emotions and heal so that you can be there for your kids.

  • Help you make better decisions in your divorce - When you are overwhelmed with emotions, it can cause you to make poor decisions regarding your divorce, such as screaming at your ex over the phone. If you process your emotional issues in therapy, you can make clearer judgments in your divorce. It should be noted that while therapy can be valuable during divorce, a therapist is not qualified to give legal advice

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